• Kunci Jawaban Materi To Be

    Konten [Tampil]

     Kunci Jawaban Soal To Be

    A. Cross out the incorrect to be (am, is, are, was, were) in the brackets! 
    1.  All the guests (are) clapping the hands for that child.
    2.  The cat (is) so cute and adorable. 
    3.  The children (are) not shy to perform in front of the audiences. 
    4.  I (was) disappointed last night.
    5.  (Are) they following a healthy lifestyle?
    6.  I (was) impressed when I saw her painting.
    7.  Where (was) the robber caught?
    8.  (Is)  the doll very cute and adorable?
    9.  Ika (was) wiping the window when somebody called her yesterday.
    10. My friend and I (are) Indonesian.

    B. Arrange the words below into appropriate sentences then translate them!
    1.  delivered - the phone - to your address - is - your address
         = The phone is delivered to your address.
    2.  representatives - are - we - from Bone city - nurse.
         = We are nurse representatives from Bone city.
    3.  they - going - were - on study tour?
         = Were they  going on study tour?
    4.  daughter - angry - is - her - with - she.
         = She is angry with her daughter.
    5.  were - of an airplane - the armies - stepping out - at 12.000 ft.
         = The armies were stepping out of an airplane at 12.000 ft.

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