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Materi Lengkap, Pengertian dan Fungsi Conjunction dalam Bahasa Inggris

    Necerz.com - Selamat datang kembali di web ini, pada kali ini tim kami akan mejelaskan mengenai conjunction. Pembelajaran kali ini merupakan pembelajaran yang sangat penting di pleajari ketika kamu ingin menguasai bahasa Inggris.

    Pada tulisan ini akan memaparkan tentang pengerian, fungsi, beserta contoh dari paagraf.

    Pengertian Conjunction dalam Bahasa Inggris

    Conjuction adalah kata yang memiliki fungsi sebagai penghung antara kata dengan kata, frasa dengan frasa
    dan klausa dengan klausa.
    Tiga macam bentuk konjungsi (conjunction forms):

    1. Single Word. misalnya: and, but, because, although, or.

    2. Correlative, misalnya: so...that, both...and, neither...nor, etc.

    3. Compound (biasanya berakhiran as atau that), misalnya: as long as, in order that, etc.

    Jenis Conjunction

    Berikut adalah tiga jenis conjuction:

    1. Coordinating Conjuction

    Coordinating Conjuction adalah menggabungkan kalimat yang sederajat. Dengan menggunakan kata-kata penghubung seperti and atau both. Namun, kalimat ini bisa berdiri sendiri walaupun tidak dihubungkan oleh conjuction Fungsi coordinating conjuction di antaranva:

    a. Menunjukkan Penambahan (Cumulative)

    Kata penghubung conjunction yang pada umunya digunakan antara lain and, both....and, also, not only...but also, as well as, dan no less than.

    Mery and John will spend heir holiday in Indonesia

    She is both a teacher and a writer.

    b. Menunjukkan Pilihan (Alternative)

    Conjunction yang digunakan antara lain neither..nor or, else, otherwise, dan either...or.  kalimat yang sama.

    You can take either the white candy or the red one.

    You can take neither the white candy nor the red one.

    c. Menunjukkan Pertentangan (Adversative)

    Kata-kata penghubung yang digunakan antara lain but, sttll, yet, nevertheless, however, where as, dan while.

    Mrs Nia is kind but her sister isn't.

    Rudi is quite dilligent, neverthless he often forget.

    I would like to go; however,I haven't  got money.

    d. Menunjukkan Kesimpulan

    Kata-kata penghubung yang digunakan, antara so, so then, then, for, dan therefore.

    My servant was sick: therefore, she couldn't help me to sweep the floor.

    I am ready; so, let s go now.

    You have to be dilligent; therefore, you get good score.

    2. Correlative Conjunctions

    Correlative conjunctions memiliki fungsi yang sama sebagai penghubung antara unsur-unsur kallimat antara kata dengan kata, frase dengan frase, dan Klausa dengan klausa. Konjungsi ini selalu digunakan berpasangan.

    Pada correlatne conyuction, unsur-unsur kalimat yang dihubungkan harus mempunyai kedudukan setara (parallel), sesuai dengan struktur gramatikal. subjek singular dan plural dihubungkan, maka subjek yang paling dekat akan menentukan apakah verb itu singular atau plural

    Kata penghubung yang digunakan dalam correlave conjunctions antara lain:

    not only... but also
    nether....nor both... and

    3. Subordinating Conjunction

    Subordinating Conjunction berfungsi untuk menghubungkan antara induk kalimat dengan anak kalimat. Contoh:

    subordinating conjunction antara lain rather than, although, as, as if. as long as, as soon as, as thogh, because, before, dan even if.

    Fungsi dari Subordinating Conjuction di antaranya:

    a. Keterangan Tambahan (Apposition)

    Dinda said that she would invited me
    They loves each other until the rest of their life.

    b. Hubungan Sebab Akibat (Cause and Effect)

    He cold not go to school because she was sick.

    Since I have studied hard I could answer all question.

    c. Pengaruh atau Akibat (impact)

    This meat hall is so hot that I cannot eat it.

    He walked so far that made himself tired.

    d. Maksud dan Tujuan (Purpose)

    You have to drink much in order that you can run around the yard.

    I have to pray dilligently thatl can pass this life easily.

    e. Syarat (Condition)

    You will get much money if you work hard.

    I will cook delicious food if you give some money.

    f. Pernyataan Mengalah (Concession)

    He worked all day even though he was sick.

    She will probably try however she may fail.

    g. Perbandingan (Comparison)

    My sister is as clever as my father

    My house is more expensive than yours.

    You are the tallest in the class.

    h. Cara (Manner)

    He wins as he study hardl

    He walks more slowly

    i. Waktu (Time)

    Nina can borrow my computer while I go to school.

    I will be beside you as long as I live.

    Kata penghubung setara/coordinating conjunctions dapat menggunakan kata for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so disingkat FANBOYS.

    I like candy and bread. (words to words).

    You will sleep in your bedroom or on the sofa. (phrases to phrases)

    Tell to me, what do you see and what do you think? (clauses to clauses)

    Fungsi Conjuction

    A. and, but and or

    Merupakan kata penghubung setara.

    1. And

    Digunakan untuk menghubungkan sesuatu yang

    We buy books and pencil case in the book store.

    Indonesta has two seasons. They are rainy season and dry season.

    There are cars and buses in the street.

    2. But

    But merupakan kata penghubung yang menunjukkan suatu perbedaan.

    1. Maddi Jane is youmg singer but she is talented.
    2. Elephant is big but kind.
    3. Scorpion is small but dangerous

    3. Or

    Merupakan kata penghubung yang digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu pilihan.

    1. Would you like best cheese or chocolate?

    2. What sport do you like swimming or rmning?

    3. Who is making this juice your mother or your sister?

    4. Which one do you like Tokyo or Firlandia?

    B. Conjunctions Linking Phrases

    Penggunaan cornjuction dalam phrase.

    1. I tell my parents and my teacher about this good news.

    2. I am taller than Rifki but younger than my cousin.

    3. What do you do, whether stavng at home or going to the park.

    C. Conjunctions with List

    Penggunaan conjuction and atau or dalam rangkaian kata, dan letakkan tanda koma di antara kata. Kemudian, gunakan and alau or di antara dua kata terakhir.

    My mom buys tomato, cabbage, potato, chili and eggplant.

    I bring food, jackel, waler, gloves and map to the mountain.

    Students put book, sharpener, pencil case, pencil and ruler in the bag.

    I see lion, tiger, bird, snake and monkey in the

    D. Conjunctions of Time

    Kata penghubung yang menunjukkan waktu kejadian suatu peristiwa/kegiatan.

    Before you leave the house, you have opened all windows and doors.

    You can't go anyway until you have done your homework.

    I should send a letter when I am at home.

    My mom is cooking while my father is reading magazine.

    I have stayed here since last month.

    E. Conjunctions of Place

    Kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu tempat.

    Where the road is large, cars can thvough easily.

    I will follow you wherever you go.

    Whereve there are schools, you will find students.

    Where the house is clean, you feel comfortable.

    F. Conjunctions of Reason

    Kata penghubung ini digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu alasan. Conjunctions of reason di antaranya because, simce as, dan in case.

    I slept early because I felt sleepy.

    Since you have finished your home work, you can watch television.

    As you are my close friend, I will be beside you whenever.

    Take the jacket in case it rains hard.

    G. Conjunctions of Purpose

    Conjuction of purpose adalah kata penghubung yang menyatakan suatu tujuan suatu hal. Kata penghubung yang digunakan antara lain so, so that, dan in order to.

    He studied hard every day in order to get good score.

    We went to school earty so we wouldn 't be late.

    You hid your phone 1under the pillow so that I could find it.

    H. Conjunctions that Join Sentences

    Kata penghubung yang menggabungkan dua kalimat dengan menggunakan kata and, but, dan or disebut juga compound sentence.

    Mom is watering the flowers. Father is busy in the office.

    Mom is watering the flowers and Father is busy in the office.

    I listen the music. There were no interesting music.

    I listen to music but there were no interesting music.

    Would you go to Pangandaran? Would you go to Pelabuhan Ratu?

    Would you go to Pangandaran or would you go to Pelabuhan Ratu?

    I. Other words for And, But and Or

    Ada kata penghubung lain untuk menyatakan and yang juga menggabungkan dua kalimat.

    Doni washed the clothes. He ironed it.

    Doni not only washed the clothes, but he also ironed it.

    Dinda bought vegetables. She cooked it.

    Dinda not only bought vegetables, but she cooked it as well.

    Latief gave me money, he bought me new veil.

    Latief not only gave me money, but he bought me new veil, too.

    I visited Bali. I also visited and Lombok and Jakarta.

    I visited Bali, as well as Lombok and Jakarta.

    Other Words for but

    Kata lain yang digunakan untuk menyatakan but.

    My grandnma is old but she still waters the flower dilligently.

    Although my grandma is old, she still waters the flower dilligently.

    The phone is cheap but good.

    Even though the phone is cheap, it is good.

    The taxi is more expensive than publiec car: but it's more comfortable.

    While the The taxi is more expensive than public car, its more comfortable.

    This book is old but useful.

    Though this book is old, it is useful.

    Other Words for Or

    Kata yang memiliki makna sama dengan or sebagai petunjuk pilihan.

    We could call her We send message.

    We could call her, or else send message.

    You can cook now. You can cook after watehing.

    You can cook either now or affer walcning.

    This bread wasn't nice. It wasn't fresh.

    This bread was neither nice nor fresh.


    Itulah bebeberapa materi lengkap mengenai conjuction, semoga bisa bermanfaat buat kalian semua. silahkan membaca artikel lain mengenai materi bahasa Inggris.

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