Konten [Tampil]

     A. Fill the blanks with am, is, or are!

    1. is.

    2. are.

    3. am.

    4. is.

    5. are.

    B. Chose the correct answer!

    1. She is brushing.

    2. Children are running.

    3. The twins are playing.

    4. The waiter is serving. 

    5. The policemen are waiting. (Policemen adalah bentuk jamak, sedangkan policeman adalah bentuk tunggal/singular)

    C. Fill in the blanks with Present continuous Tense!

    1. is washing. is helping.

    2.  am sweeping. is reading.

    3. are training.

    4. is visiting.

    5. are feeding.

    D. Turn the sentences in to negative!

    1. My little duck is not swimming in the pool.

    2. The guests are not having fun at the party.

    3. Mia isn’t saving some money to buy a laptop. 

    4. We aren’t dancing at the party.

    5. I am not combing my hair before going to bed.

    E. Turn the sentences in to question!

    1. Are the people laughing?

    2. Is my sister decorating the cake?

    3. Are you taking an exam?

    4. Is she planting a tree?

    5. Are the thieves running away?

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