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    Necerz.com - Indonesia is one of country in Asia. It has many Islands. One of islands in Indonesia is Bandung that has many kinds of tourist destinations. Natural Treasures in Bandung held a travelers' interest to visit it. The diversity tourist in Bandung  that can you visit as culinary, nature, and palace to shopping. You have to spent your time to come in all of place in Bandung.

    It is the cause why you have to drop in Bandung when you are In Indonesia. Bandung is near from Jakarta by spent distance 2 till 3 hour.

    Tourist Location In Bandung

    Do you interest to travel in Bandung? Necerz.com accumulates information about tourist in Bandung that you can visit in your holiday with your big family and Friends. The specific places in Bandung, most of them there are in Bandung West, Soul, East.  You can focus to read all of the lists:

    Curung Cinulang Cicalengka

     taken by Necerz team

    You can take Curung Cinulang Cicalengka as one of destination excursion when you come to Bandung. The location is at Sumedang and the Place is within easy reach in Bandung City because the locate near from middle causeway. 

    In this beautiful palace, you will see the waterfall that splashes of water and make the exotic landscapes.  somewhere around waterfall there is a bamboo bridge that adding to the tourist attractions.  The facility of this place is very complete as there are many canteen, toilet, and lodging. so, don't worry about them. 

    Location: Cicalengka Sindang Perfume, Sindulang, Cimanggung, Sindulang, Cimanggung District, Sumedang Regency, West Java 45364

    Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

    taken by Mr. Nadi

    I hope one day, you must come here because this is one of Indonesia's most famous tourist in site. The visitors are from all of the word. Name Perahu because the meaning of Perahu is a boat, that is taken because the shape is same as boat. 

    The high Tangkuban Perahu is 2.804 meters and it has two craters which attracts tourists to this place. The name of craters is Domas that the depth 1,2 kilometer. In this Crates, there is uniqueness as if put a egg in Domas, the egg will be ripe. 

    Location:  Jl. Kingdom Greenhouse, Cicadas, Sagalaherang, Subang, West Java 40391 

    Ciwidey White Crater

    Kawah Putih Ciwidey
    Unlike Domas Craters that can ripen eggs, Ciwidey white Craters is tourist which were formed volcanic erosion. The land that is white that seen the water looks clear. Everyone can access this attraction.

    Location: Highway Km 11 Tjipeutjang Patengan Lebakmuncang Tjipeutjang, Sugihmukti Village. Pasirjambu, Bandung, West Java 40972

    Lake Situ Patenggang

    Danau Situ Patenggang

    So if you are on vacation in the south Bandung area, this patenggang situ (lake) can be included in the list of places to be visited. The location of the tourist attractions Patenggang itself is indeed very interesting Place. Located on a plateau and surrounded by beautiful tea plantations, colleagues will be spoiled by the green scenery that is still beautiful from the trip here.

    Location: Situ Patengan, Patengan Rancabali, Bandung West Java

    Situ Cisanti 

    Situ Cisanti

    A place that also shows cool and righteous is Situ Cisanti. This place places pristine lakes and beautiful green trees. The cisanti lake area is surrounded by several mountains such as Mount Wayang, Mount Malabar, Mount Bedil, and Mount Rakutak.

    Location: Neglawangi, Kertasari, Bandung, West Java 40386

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